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Victorian Fireplace Insert

Wood Heaters : Victorian Fireplace Insert


Capacity: Up to 260m2
Facia Height: 730mm
Facia Width: 1028mm
Facia Depth: 60mm
Firebox Height: 630mm
Firebox Width: 665mm
Firebox Depth: 475mm
Weight: 162kg
Emissions: 1.0 g/kg
Efficiency: 64%
Output: 15kw

Hearth Specifications

Hearth Type: Full
Hearth Size: W1000 D600 in front of unit. T18
Solid Flue: 150mm

From * N.L.A. N.L.A SAVE $

The Victorian model allows for the traditional appearance of a woodheater. To heat up to 260 m2.


  • Huge, self cleaning  fireplace window.
  • Quiet, high performance fan.
  • Heavy duty steel firebox.
  • Heavy gauge, thick cast iron liners, ( heat retaining).
  • Firebrick lined woodheater base.
  • Deep fire box for infrequent cleaning
  • Long lasing 8mm steel baffle plate.


zero clearance box is available for all Eureka inbuilt wood heaters.

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