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Stockade Inbuilt Wood Heater

Wood Heaters : Stockade Inbuilt Wood Heater


Capacity: Up to 240m2
Facia Height: 758mm
Facia Width: 922mm
Facia Depth: 42mm
Firebox Height: 635mm
Firebox Width: 631mm
Firebox Depth: 430mm
Weight: 144kg
Emissions: 1.5g
Efficiency: 67%
Output: 17kw

Hearth Specifications

Hearth Type: Full
Hearth Size: W950 D510 in front of unit. T12
Solid Flue: 150mm

From * $3,570 $3,770 SAVE $200

The Eureka Stockade Insert is a strong and robust, large fan forced fireplace insert. Built for a lifetime of lasting value, the Stockade Insert  features a large door, 3 speed fan and a firebrick lined firebox. Eureka's solid commitment to value stands behind the extensive Eureka range of woodheating appliances.


  • Sacrificial replaceable 8mm thick baffle plate.
  • Quality high volume 3 speed fan.
  • Secondary air injection to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Excellent overnight burn capacity. Heats up to 24 squares.
  • Firebrick lined for better combustion efficiency and maximum firebox protection.
  • High quality, heat resistant paint finish, with touch up paint readily available.

It is recommended that the Stockade Insert be fully flued. (In some States this is mandatory) Please refer to our installation instructions for further information

zero clearance box is available for all Eureka inbuilt wood heaters. 

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