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Onyx Free Standing Wood Heater

Wood Heaters : Onyx Free Standing Wood Heater


Capacity: Up to 300m2
Height: 795mm
Width: 775mm
Depth: 595mm
Weight: 198kg
Emissions: 1.3g
Efficiency: 65%
Output: 16kw

Hearth Specifications

Hearth Type: Full
Hearth Size: W1170mm x D1020mm x T4mm (300mm in front of the heater base)
Solid Flue: 6”

From * $4,925 $5,175 SAVE $250

The new generation "clean burn" Onyx Freestanding wood heaters offer you unsurpassed total home heating.

The Onyx has evolved over the last ten years to become one of the finest wood heaters available today. In the laboratory no other heater can compare for cleanliness of burn or efficiency.

This beautifully designed wood heater offers you warmth all winter, with the efficiency of today's technology.


  • Unique pre-heated primary and secondary combustion air for "total burn".
  • Minimum wall clearance. 100mm from a rear wall and 330mm from a side wall. 50mm from the corners in a corner installation.
  • Maximum heat output and long burn periods per fuel load.
  • Quality three-speed fan, designed for easy access and removal.
  • Optional Gold or Chrome door.
  • Deep ash bed for convenient ash retention.
  • Minimum hearth requirements.
  • Strong welded seam and folded 6mm firebox.
  • Superior baked high temperature paint finish.
  • 5mm heat and shock resistant clear vision door glass.
  • Firebrick lining on the sides and back of the firebox which enhances the combustion efficiency whilst protecting the most vulnerable part of the firebox.

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